Meet the Team Cocktail Party – December 2021

Meet the Team Cocktail Party – December 2021

It’s been great seeing so many Bilo Bar Club members back at the resort the past 6 weeks! Have you been back yet?

Please enjoy the photos below of our last two Meet the Team Cocktail Parties!

Also, we’d like to call out for anyone coming over in the next few weeks; our Kindergarten kids are heading back to school this year and will be in need of stationary to help them with their learnings. If you are coming over and would like to contribute we would love to be able to hand out pencils, books, notepads, paints, and crafts for the kindy kids to use.

If you are not sure of what to bring or have any questions, please email our Bilo Bar Club co-ordinator at [email protected]

Once again, welcome back to your home-away-from-home and welcome to our newest Bilo Bar Club members!