Bula! Welcome to the the bilo bar club!

Since 1981 the Bilo Bar Club has been instrumental in funding kindergartens and teachers to the local villages, scholarships for local students as well as the ongoing support of resort staff who live locally. Our members consist of qualified regular guests of Shangri-La Yanuca Island, Fiji. We catch up at least once every year to raise funds during our reunion events. Vinaka vaka levu!

Annual Reunions

Our annual reunion is our chance to raise funds for the year ahead and to celebrate of all the hard work and support our members provide.

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Our Constitution

Our constitution is a set of fundamental principles and established precedents.

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Our Membership

The membership fees we collect are the lifeblood of the The Bilo Bar Club. The fees paid by our members ensure that the charitable work of the club can be maintained and the future of our efforts guaranteed.

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Our Bilo Bar Club

The Bilo Bar Club is a registered Fijian charity that was founded in 1981, to support the communities which surround Yanuca Island and the regions nearby.

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Our Trustees

Our Seven trustees are elected members whose role is to administer The Bilo Bar Clubs activities and ensure compliance and governance with the guidelines in which we operate.

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Our History

In 1980, five Australians were having a drink at the Bilo Bar, a practice not uncommon to them during their many visits to The Fijian Resort. The Bilo Bar, as most know, is located at the Northern Western corner of Yanuca Island.

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